Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall back!

Tonight we get to turn our clocks back an hour and "jump back into bed". (At least, that's what I read on my homepage) To be honest though, the past month has been perfect for getting some shut-eye.. the sun has set earlier and risen later. Perfect if you're like me and enjoy your sleep! So I'll admit that I'm dreading the time change. I enjoy it when it gets dark by 6 o'clock or so, but the downside is that it gets light earlier. If you're not a morning person, and I'm definitely not, then you understand what I'm talking about! And my kids will be "up with the sun", especially my 4-year-old son who's always the second one up (after Daddy). Yes, he's my little alarm clock! My oldest son and my daughter are my "sleep in" kiddos.. I like that. A lot! Once in a blue moon, Caleb gets to leave in the morning to go with Daddy, and I'll admit, I crawl back into bed and snooze. I usually feel guilty about it, being that my hubby and the rest of the world have been up and at it for awhile by the time I wake up. But a busy mama needs her sleep right? At least I do, and naps are few and far between. I've tried to be a morning person.. wake up feeling chipper, whistling, smiling, getting a jump on the day's chores, etc, etc. It doesn't work for me. I need at least a full thirty minutes just to come to, and get used to being in a vertical vs. a horizontal position. And coffee.. lots of coffee! Although I'm not fully coherent when I first rise, my favorite thing about mornings is that I get to hear sweet little voices telling me "good morning!" from a sweet, smiling little face. Even Hannah (19 mos) has a cheery greeting for me, followed by "poffee?". She loves coffee, like her mama ;-) So..

I'm off to get the coffeepot ready for tomorrow. Goodnight! Enjoy the extra hour :-)

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