Monday, October 31, 2011

Reasons we don't celebrate Halloween

This post is for anyone who has asked my children "are you going trick-or-treating?" or "what are you going to be for Halloween?" and gotten a confused look in response. To our family, October 31st is just that. October 31st. Now, we realize that many people will think we're being "extreme", that we're "no fun", that "oh, it's harmless. Let your kids enjoy it." But we're not concerned with being liked or accepted for our feelings and beliefs on certain issues. We've always been the type to go against the flow. Because more often than not, the crowd is going the wrong way. So, that being said, here are a few reasons why we don't "celebrate" Halloween.

1) Our culture is headed to Hell in a hand basket. There is enough evil to overcome without actively inviting it into our lives. This is especially true of our innocent children. They are like a blank page. Be careful what you write on those pages.

2) Halloween is all about death and darkness. Where there is death and darkness, God is not there. Period. Why would I want my family to celebrate something that is totally opposite of what we believe? I do not want to be anywhere God isn't. We as Christians are so easily swayed to participate in things that are opposite of the beliefs that we profess. We have been called to a higher standard, to be the "salt and light" to this world. It's so sad that more often than not, Christians blend right in with the world. People are confused when they look at our lives because we are no different than a lost person. "Let your light so shine before men.." is often forgotten in our quest to "fit in" and be accepted.

3) We have been blessed with three innocent children whose souls are in our hands. We will stand accountable before Christ one day and answer for the way in which we raised these children, be it good or bad. To celebrate this day of darkness is to make null and void all of our careful teachings about God and His love. You can't mix evil and good, it just doesn't work.

So those are just a few of the reasons we don't celebrate this day. Call us crazy, but we won't be the ones who will have to answer for it someday. I realize that some may write us off as "kooks". So be it.
And on a similar note, no, we don't do Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or any other mythical character with our children. A good friend once told me, "how can we tell our kids about Jesus and God, both of which our kids can't physically see, and then tell them about Santa, Easter Bunny, etc, who they can't see either, and then someday tell them that "no, Santa isn't real, it was all a lie. (yes, you are essentially lying to your children) BUT, Jesus IS real, although you can't see Him. Please believe me on this one!" How in the world are our children supposed to believe in Him? Or trust us, their parents? We don't want to take the chance of our children's souls being lost because we were so busy having "fun" and teaching them that these mythical characters exist. We will not ride the fence! This is serious business, and a we don't take our responsibility as parents lightly. We also don't participate in "fall fun night" celebrations at churches on Halloween. We realize that the church is trying to provide a "good" alternative to Halloween, but it is still participating in this evil holiday.

So, next time someone asks our kids about Halloween or if Santa is coming to see them, you will understand when they say "we don't play those games!" :-)


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  2. We are the same way...we like to go against the flow, and be unique. All you said, I agree with. One thing towards the end, made me think of something my dad said about his cousin. His Christian aunt and uncle had told his cousin that Santa was real, but when he got older, told him he was not. His attitude after that was: "If Santa is real, then why should I believe that Christ is?"

  3. L.W.- exactly! I remember when my mom told me Santa wasn't real.. I was heartbroken. Thankfully though, I never questioned the validity of Christ's existence. I'm so thankful that our eyes have been opened and that my husband and I decided even before we had children that we would not participate in Halloween, Santa, etc.
    There is a great article you might enjoy, it's about the origins of Halloween and the true evil it represents. It's called The Bible and Halloween and it's at
    After reading it, I was saddened thinking of all the people who celebrate it without knowing the evil that's truly involved.
    Thanks for the supportive comment :)

  4. Also, a friend posted this on facebook:
    .."Is so surprised at the number of Christ-followers who are excited about today and are willing to celebrate a day dedicated to darkness, evil, and fearfulness. All the things that are polar opposite of Christ." - A.J. Pucek