Friday, September 16, 2011

One cabinet at a time

I'm on a mission to clean out every cabinet in my house. I'm doing pretty well so far, but I do tend to procrastinate at times and that has impeded my progress somewhat. BUT, I'm patting myself on the back for the few things I have been able to check off of my to-do list! Babysteps..

One thing that's helped me immensely is The FlyLady. If you haven't heard of her, check out her website at I've been following her de-cluttering/organizing/cleaning methods for over a year now, and while I still have a long way to go, I feel better about my home routines after utilizing her methods.

One of the focus areas for this week is the laundry room. Mine is not very big, and besides the washer, dryer, and clothes hampers, it also houses a large chest deep freeze and the water heater. So needless to say, it can very quickly become cluttered and messy, especially when I get behind on laundry! (which, I'm sorry to say, is pretty often!) I managed to organize a bit, sweep the floor, clean out the lint trap on the dryer, wipe off the dusty tops and sides of the washer and dryer, and rearrange some things stored in there to make more room. It's nice to know that should someone open that door, I don't have to throw myself in front of them and try to think of a distraction so they won't see the mess that usually occupies that room, KWIM? ;-)

Another accomplishment of the week was cleaning out my fridge. Yes, I know it should be done on a weekly basis, but my afore mentioned problem with procrastination tends to rear it's ugly head right around the time the fridge needs a good scrubbing. So it averages about once a month. (just being honest here!) I knew it had needed to be cleaned for a good while when my 5-year-old opened the fridge door and exclaimed, "WOW! It looks really nice in there mom!"  I meant to take before and after photos, but forgot. Actually I would have been embarrassed to show the world the inside of my refrigerator. But, hopefully my FlyLady routines will keep me on track from now on :-)

Still on my to-do list for today is clean/organize my medicine cabinet. There isn't a lot of cabinet space in this old ranch house, so the medicine is stored on a shelf in the pantry which also houses my growing collection of cookbooks (I love a good cookbook!), birthday party supplies, some paper goods, and a few sentimental, breakable items that can't be left out where little hands can reach them. It will be quite a feat to go through everything, but, again, I'm willing to suffer a bit to avoid having to throw myself in front of the unsuspecting person who decides to open that cabinet door. Last time my very-clean, VERY-organized mother-in-law came over, she was that person. And there was no time to throw myself in front of her, and it was too late for trying to distract her.. she'd already seen the mess in there. So I tried to nonchalantly help her look for whatever it was she was looking for, while cringing the entire time and making up my mind to make some changes in my organizing skills. (or lack of!)

So now I'm off to try and check a few more things off of my list before winding down for the evening. Friday is my housecleaning day, and I still need to accomplish a couple of things before family time tonight. We eat pizza, pop popcorn and relax together, either watching a family-friendly movie (often times a Veggie Tales!) or playing a game. Sometimes we even just go outside for a walk and enjoy God's creation. We're pretty laid-back when it comes to entertainment :-) Enjoy your evening and have a restful weekend!


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