Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed a relaxing weekend for Labor Day, it was a treat to have Brian home with us the entire time! I can honestly say that we both felt rested after spending so much time together as a family. I got up and had coffee and wonderful sour cream pancakes waiting for everyone Saturday morning. Then we just spent the day enjoying each other's company, watching movies and napping. That evening, the boys helped me put together a breakfast casserole to have for Sunday morning before church. It's our standby breakfast for busy Sunday mornings, and very easy to make.

Next morning I popped the casserole in the oven, started the coffeemaker, and jumped back into bed for a little while longer. Then I heard little voices as they were waiting for their breakfast, so we got out of bed and headed to the kitchen. After our yummy breakfast, we began dressing for church, rushing all the while! It seems that no matter how early we get up or what preparations have been made the night before, we are always running late for church! We managed to make it halfway there, and it's a 45-minute drive, when Brian said we'd have to turn around because he had a horrible stomachache. Uh-oh. So back home it was. He spent the rest of the afternoon going between our bed and his recliner. Another afternoon of movies and napping!

Monday morning we all woke up feeling well, and after breakfast Brian and the boys went for a hike. Yay! Some "me time" was definitely in order! So I read Hannah a few books and put on an educational video for her while I took a shower and made some lunch. By then, the guys had returned and the boys told me of all their adventures that morning with wide eyes and excitedly-raised voices. They had had a blast with Daddy! After lunch, you guessed it, we all laid down for a much-needed nap. We woke up refreshed and went outside to enjoy the beautiful and surprisingly mild weather. Then Brian fired up the grill and I went inside and prepared some ribeye steaks for the grill. While they cooked, I made some skillet potatoes and corn on the cob to go with them. It was all SO good, Brian is awesome at grilling steaks! After that it was bathtime, storytime, and finally, bedtime. And that word is music to a mama's ears after such a long and busy day!

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