Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Learning To Be Content

Contentment... what does that word mean to you?

I'll readily admit to you that I often struggle with being content. Actually, more than often. More like, say, every day. It's not always big things that cause me to feel a pang of discontent, no, more often than not, it's the little things. Things like hearing about my friends who are at the salon getting their hair and nails done, or friends who are shopping, or so-and-so is going to such-and-such place for vacation. Then I look down at my several-seasons-old outfit and unmanicured nails, as I'm checking the bank account only to find out that we will be very "tight" until the next paycheck, and the discontentment starts creeping into my heart.

We have never ever gone without anything we need. Wants, yes, but never needs. The Lord has always provided for us somehow, and often in an unexpected way. Like when our tab was picked up by some kind, unknown person at the restaurant. Or one of our parents hands us some gas money as we're leaving their house. Somehow God has always pulled us through.

Last night Brian came home from a visit with an older friend and was telling me about some of their conversation. There is a huge oil boom right now in our area, and lots of people around here are getting rich fast. And I do mean fast. This friend said that one lady cried when she received her first check because it was more money than she'd ever seen at one time. And she would continue to receive those checks every month! I can't even fathom that! To have enough money in the bank that you don't have to keep a careful count of each item you buy at the grocery store so you don't go over budget just blows my mind. Or to decide that you suddenly have the urge to take an exotic weekend trip to Kalamazoo and hop on a plane and head that way with no worries... what is that like?! And that's when I get into trouble because then discontentment rears its ugly head.

Just this afternoon, I was trying to focus on being content with my life, our finances and anything else I could imagine. It actually came easy to me on a day like today.. beautiful fall weather, a cool breeze, a pot roast simmering in the crock pot, the smell of cinnamon on the baking snickerdoodle cookies in the oven, and the sweet laughter of my three little ones playing together. I felt totally at peace and thankful. I know that "my God shall supply all thy needs according to His riches in glory..", I just need to continue to focus on what I've been blessed with and not what I wish I was blessed with.

How do you deal with feelings of discontentment? I'd love to hear..

Until next time..


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