Monday, September 12, 2011

My Sister's Baby Shower

This past Saturday, my mom, myself, and my sister threw a baby shower for my youngest sister who's expecting a baby boy in October. My mom is awesome at decorating for parties and other events, being that almost my entire family on her side are florists and are used to creating beautiful things! The shower had a woodland animals theme, and it was precious. My expectant sister and her husband had chosen owl-themed bedding for the baby, and we just kind of took that and ran with the woodland theme! Here are a couple of photos I took with my iPhone (because I was rushing like crazy and forgot my camera!) so they're not the greatest quality, but you can see most of the stuff.

The table layout, complete with a mini-waterfountain, twinkle lights and flickering "candles".

I made the cake and adorable little owl cake pops, they turned out great and were delicious! I don't consider myself to be a creative person, until it comes to cakes and then I tend to go crazy. I have a blast coming up with an idea and then creating it. I started making cakes for my kids' birthdays instead of buying them from a bakery. Each cake has been a labor of love! And most of them take me SEVERAL hours to make, but, the recipient's face is worth all the effort!

Can you see the baby owl in the middle?

Don't know if you can tell or not, but the cake pops were nestled inside a nest my mom made from a wreath and grass, with real store-bought feathers. It was all very cute!

I wish I had documented with photos the cake and pop-making process, but I'll have to save that for another time when I'm not so pressed for time. My youngest son's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so maybe I can try it then ;-)

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